Prologis Announces 2017 Activity in Central and Eastern Europe

Prologis Announces 2017 Activity in Central and Eastern Europe


- Record-breaking occupancy of 97.4 percent
- 1.6 million square metres of leased space
- 9 new development starts
- 15 buildings delivered
Prologis, Inc., the global leader in logistics real estate, today announced full-year 2017 activity for its business in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Operating Performance
The company leased 1.6 million square metres in CEE. New lease agreements accounted for just over 500,000 square metres and lease renewals for more than 1 million square metres, with the balance short-term agreements. The CEE portfolio occupancy rate was a record 97.4 percent.

At year-end, Prologis’ CEE operating portfolio was 4.4 million square metres.

Notable new leasing activity included:
  • 45,100 square metres with Empik Group in Sochaczew, Poland
  • 21,200 square metres with INTUON in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 19,600 square metres with a leading clothing and houseware retailer in Budapest-Gyal, Hungary
  • 13,200 square metres with PST CLC in Prague-Uzice, Czech Republic
Notable lease renewals included:
  • 37,500 square metres with Auchan, in Budapest-Ullo, Hungary
  • 36,900 square metres with Moto-Profil in Chorzow, Poland
  • 27,600 square metres with NAY in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 13,700 square metres with L’Oreal in Prague East, Czech Republic

It was fitting that Prologis should celebrate its 20th anniversary in Europe with another strong year for our business. Occupancy reached a record 97.4 percent as the volume of lease renewals surged by 11 percent above 1 million square metres – a distinct sign that our customers value our well-located, high-quality facilities and superior property management services.

Martin Polak, senior vice president, regional head, Prologis CEE

Investment Activities
In 2017, Prologis began construction of nine buildings totalling 170,200 square metres — 32 percent of that construction was build-to-suit and 68 percent was speculative development. This activity is part of Prologis’ selective development strategy in key markets with strong demand amid low vacancy rates.

Development starts:
  • 62,400 square metre speculative facilities (two) at Prologis Park Nitra, Slovakia
  • 28,300 square metre speculative facility at Prologis Park Prague-Uzice, Czech Republic
  • 23,700 square metre build-to-suit for VAFO PRAHA at Prologis Park Prague-Rudna, Czech Republic
  • 16,200 square metre build-to-suit for Textile House at Prologis Park Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 14,500 square metre speculative facility at Prologis Park Prague-Airport, Czech Republic
In 2017, Prologis delivered 15 buildings totalling 275,000 square metres; among those, three buildings were started and completed in the same year. All completed buildings were 95 percent leased.

Completed developments:
  • 56,000 square metre build-to-suit for Tesco at Prologis Park Galanta-Gan, Czech Republic
  • 42,300 square metre build-to-suit for Agata at Prologis Park Piotrków II, Poland
  • 30,250 square metre build-to-suit for HP Tronic at Prologis Park Prague-Jirny, Czech Republic
  • 21,200 square metre speculative facility at Prologis Park Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 18,100 square metre build-to-suit for Arvato Polska at Prologis Park Stryków, Poland
Acquisitions & Disposals
Prologis acquired 81.59 hectares of land for Prologis Park Bratislava and a further 12.75 hectares for its new park, Prologis Park Nitra, in Slovakia. During 2017, Prologis sold 10 facilities totalling 365,440 square metres and 25.86 hectares of land located in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Building 18, constructed for the leading Czech sports retailer Sportisimo at Prologis Park Prague-Rudná, became the first logistics facility in the Czech Republic to receive BREEAM’s highest accreditation rating of Outstanding. This is only the second such building in Central and Eastern Europe to receive this rating.

Prologis in Poland
In 2017 the company leased a record 940,800 square metres and ended the year with occupancy of 96.2 percent. The company delivered five buildings totalling 93,000 square metres and began the development of a new build-to-suit project totalling 8,260 square metres.

We are entering 2018 with strong momentum. Three new parks are set to be developed and we will finalise the implementation of Singu FM – an electronic system for real estate management and technical support of our facilities in all logistics parks across Poland. These projects will further strengthen our real estate portfolio and help us maintain our  leadership position in the Polish market.

Paweł Sapek, senior vice president,country manager,
Prologis Poland 

With its active engagement in four CEE countries and an operating portfolio totalling 4.4 million square metres, Prologis is the leading provider of distribution facilities in Central and Eastern Europe (as of 31 December 2017).
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